Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An update

Woohoo I'm feeling better and better everyday! Today I went in for my my follow up appointment and my doctor says I'm healing wonderfully and I don't have to pack the wounds anymore!I was so happy I practically jumped for joy! He says I can go to school if I want but I can't go up the stairs. Also can't wait until I can't make cards again. The nurse that was coming to my house saw my cards on my bulletin board and said I was really good at it! How cool is that?Anyways, As soon as I can make cards again I'm making a card for my wonderful doctor to thank him. I'll probably be back to crafting by next week!


Sherri said...

So happy to hear the good news! Keep healing, and I'll keep praying!

Sharon said...

Awesome report!!! So glad to hear you are doing so very well!! Keep it up and you'll be climbing those stairs and making those cards really really soon!! You are still in my prayers Dear!! :)