Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Strangers in the night-Halloween Card!

I love the Oct 31st Cart! So spooky! It's unlike any of the other carts that PC has made! Well I used the candle and the eyes on the cart. Super simple. I just added a few stickles and some stickers and was done! Hope you like it!TFL!
October 31st Seasonal Cart
K&Co Stickers

Gypsy File


Sherri said...

Love this card......it's "spooky"

Sharon said...

Awesome!! Those eyes around the candle are just great!!! Like moths drawn to the flame, it is eyes!! I loooove it!! :)

laurie said...

This is a really cool way to use this cart. You have a great imagination and a real flair for design. I hope you are studing art in school, you are a natural. Great work, loved your blog.