Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And you thought you were having a Bad Day

When I got Preserves I started looking through the booklet as I always do when I first get a cartridge and I ran into the watermelon. I thought it kind of looked like the bottom of a boat and this card came to life from that watermelon boat. I made it to cheer someone up and gave it to my friend who was really stressed out at the time.:)


Cricut Cartridges

Preserves(All fruits)

Doodlecharms(Super Scared Apple:)

Plantin Schoolbook(Waves)

DCWV Nana's Kitchen Stack

Googlie Eyes


Denine said...

Thats sweet!!
I usually sit for hours thumbing the booklet many times over getting creative ideas before a single cut. Isn't that funny. I wonder if that is the norm!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable !! Melissa McFeaters