Monday, February 6, 2012

Imagination Card

Hi everyone! I've been making 2 cards a week. I try to finish all of my school work during the week so I can get crafty during the weekend! So far the "method" has been working. College has been a bit hectic but overall a good experience. My current issue has been having to go get blood taken out almost every week. Now I'm having my liver checked since one of the medicines I had been taking for CD was elevating my liver function. So, making cards on the weekends has definitely been something I look forward to. It allows to escape and relax:)
Anyways, just wanted to share a bit of what's going on in my life, since I haven't been sharing much on that aspect. Also to show you guys this new card I made. It was kind of a jumble of different stamps and cricut for the 3 shapes. Thanks for looking and listening!

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Sharon said...

Love your card!! Cute digi. Love the lock and key. And that heart is just awesome!!! Love the flowers and the sentiment is just fantastic!! Awesome card Stephanie!!! :)
Sorry to hear you have had problems with one of your meds. Sometimes I think the side effects of some meds are just as bad as what we have to take them for!