Friday, August 5, 2011

Graduation Cake

Many of you may not have known but I have quite the crafty family. My aunt made me this cake for graduation. She brought it over today and wasn't able to make it before because she was real busy. But I didn't mind at all. She even used my school colors and put a book with my major on it.:) She makes the prettiest cakes don't you think? I think I'm really blessed to have such a crafty family. My mom and other aunt do crochet and knitting and my Sister in Law makes party favors. Needless to say we all love a nice trip to Michaels!:)TFL!


Rachel said...

That is an AWESOME cake! Your aunt has such talent! I would love that cake too because I was an English major in college! I graduated in 2006, but I still LOVE LOVE LOVE books, of course! How fun it must be if you all go to Michaels together!

Sharon said...

What a wonderful cake!!! How blessed you are to have such a crafty family!! :)