Thursday, January 13, 2011

Buggy Card!

I hope I'm not boring all of you with my continuous postings with Nate's ABCs! Well I'm sorry if I am but I just love the cart and for now I can't stop using it! This card is for my 7yo nephew who loves it when I give him cards, so I try to make cards that are "just because" to give him every so often. This card is filled with bugs because he loves to read all those books about beetles and different kinds of bugs and where they live and what not. So when I saw Nate with the little jar with the bug in it I had to make a card based on bugs! TFL!
Cricut Carts
Nate's ABCs(Boy and jar with bug)
April Showers(Tree)
bugs are stickers


jen said...

This card is fantastic...great job.

Sharon said...

This is just wonderful and I bet your nephew loves it!! :)