Friday, November 26, 2010

Mr. Fox's Xmas House Card w/ Jolly Holidays Cart!

Whew what a night of shopping! Here's a card I made with the Jolly Holidays Lite Cart from Walmart. Sorry the pic isn't centered right but I'm out of sorts after a night filled with shopping! Anyways, here's my card!TFL!
Cricut Cart Jolly Holidays(house, fox,tree, "happy holidays", mailbox)
Cuttlebug Large Snowflake Folder
Distress Inks


Jeannie Phillips said...

Loving your Christmas cards sl beautiful.

To get the checks on the hat that I made..all you have to do is knit 3 stitches in one color..then purl 3 stitches in the second this for 5 rows...then purl three stitches in the second color and knit 3 stitches in the first color for 5 rows... then repeat the firs set...


Jeannie Phillips said...

You are more than welcome... make sure I get to see your creation!!

Sharon said...

How very pretty!! So glad you was able to get it. I wasn't able to. So DD ordered online for me! She is the best!!! I did get 3 of the other ones though. :)


Very cute! You got right to work!

Zafran ali said...

Loving this card its so super cute awesome job!
Plastic Card.